Self Certification Commercial Mortgages

The vast majority of the UK economy is built upon small to medium self employed business owners. Most of whom will not have 3 years audited accounts and will be looking to self certify themselves in regards to being suitable for a commercial mortgage.

We have a range of products targeted at these small business owners allowing them to get commercial mortgages at great rates without the need for accounts or business plans!

We can arrange a self certification commercial mortgage with the knowledge that you are up to date with any personal or commercial mortgage repayments you may have and a discussion around your circumstance. Typically giving a conditional lending offer within hours!

Utilising our specialist financial knowledge and commercial expertise, and the most efficient and rapid electronic search technology, sources the entire UK commercial financial market to negotiate the best possible terms and interest rates available. The process is so simple and straightforward that form-filling and waiting for a decision are reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing the customer to concentrate wholly on the development of their own business.

Fill in the enquiry form or call us now and let us tell you exactly how we can help you secure the funds you need.

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